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PROTEST SOPI by Yoruichi-Sensei

XD THIS TRUELY IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BILL! Once it gets passed all the Websites will be replaced with Soapy! ANd the Artsy thing of th...


One of the few reasons I stayed on deviant art was because it wasn't tumbler.... time to quit deviant art
Horse Ketchum by MilesDaFoo616
Horse Ketchum
Ok this one will definitely require some explanation.
The character who this figurine is portraying definitely wasn't named Horse Ketchum. I think his name was Milnaus or something? I don't remember. What I do remember is why I made this specifically Ash Ketchum with a Horse head. 1st off: his character carried around a small.... uh.... Wombat or something (I don't remember it was something small and fuzzy) and he named it Chu-Ka-Peek. Secondly I didn't even bother trying to remember his guys name in character so I always refereed to him as Pony Boy since he had a ponytail. And So I Put two and two together and got Ash with a Horse Face.
In all honesty I spent way too much time trying to get every detail of this guy right. I Googled a Picture of Ash and made sure I got every detail of his clothes right including the coat the under shirt, the random buttons on his jacket and even his freaking belt buckle. However what was even more annoying was doing the horse hair on the horse head. I did each strand individually so I had to make one really long string of lightish brown clay, then taking a piece from it and rolling it even more to make it even thinner and usually cutting those in half and then sticking them on the horse.... man that took forever. The different colored nose/muzzle/whatever-you-call-those-things-on-Horses on the horses face was much easier but still looks pretty good. for that I just flattened a bunch of the light brown clay as much as possible and wrapped it around the nose to get a different color. Its simple but I still think it looks pretty good. Also I used crazy glue to keep the hat on because gravity would make it fall off if I didn't
I actually ended up retaking the pictures for this one because I wanted it to look as good as possible since this is probably my one of my craziest looking figurines so far. I also have one more set of pictures to upload before I have to start taking more
Ice-em by MilesDaFoo616
Ice-em was a character in the campaign where I played as Topaz. His name isn't spelled this way its only how its pronoucned.... I have no idea how its spelled
The Topaz campaign didn't go on very long or very well because the DM of that one was lumpy.
Ice-em was played by the DM of the other more successful but brutal group. His character was some kind of religious guy or something and...... thats all I remember about him. I think the swirly glasses where the only part the character that are actually accurate the rest well.....
Ok With a name like Ice-um I had to try to make it Vanilla Ice. So I Google Vanilla Ice hair and gave him that.... then I made him the whole sweat shirt thing by just giving his shirt a hood, that can't move since its baked clay. Then the Snowflake emblem.... dear lord that think took forever! I had to try to cut the thinnest flattest possible strips of blue shiny clay that i could and I stuck it around an octogon/hexagon.... I don't even remember what shape it was anymore. but yeah If there's a list of things I'll never do again, that is one of them.
Senoshi by MilesDaFoo616
You know one thing I suck at? Proportions. I swear this Turban wasn't supposed to be as tall as the rest of the person when I first made this.

Ok So Senoshi was the last person to join our group. He joined in like one of the last months of the main campaign. His back story was something like "Once upon a time This guy lived in a place in a desert and was a hired mercenary. It sucked there so he joined our group the end" He was an unarmed swordsage so the two things he was good at was fire and punching. Also his character was good at making pottery clay and painting that he did for money. He was a good character but like mine, but also like mine he just couldn't get his AC high enough so that he could be good at not getting hit by the things our evil DM was throwing at us. Luckily for him he got an ability that I suggested which let him dodge any physical attacks by jelly blobbing out of the way like the Dark ChuChu's in windwaker. the Way it worked was that whenever an attack would hit his AC he would instead make a reflex save DC whatever the DM rolled and he would save that way. This isn't an actual D&D ability. Our characters just all got cool Super Powers at LV 10 because we were playing a EC 10 Campaign.

Now for the Figurine itself. I was told that this character had three things. A cloak and a Turban that he wore, and a Paintbrush. Well Naturally I decided that the cloak would have to be polka-doted and because he had a paintbrush he was an "AHRTEEST!" so he would have to have a curly french mustache to go with it. I already explained that the Turban was an accident but because I always make my figurines innacurate to my friends characters I figured it fit the theme.
Yeah this surprised me as much as it would you. I mean normally I assume art things with stuff like drawing, painting, chalking, and other related things.... but as a Hobby I started making little figurines out of clay in my spare time. Ok some explaining is in order.
Ok so for D&D my first DM had like a giant bag of plastic figurines, but he went on Co-op and took all of his stuff with him. Originally I just made a figurine for my own character (Already Uploaded) since I heard another friend was doing the same. Then I started to think that I would be cool to make some figurines for all the other guys' characters (even if I felt like making them as inaccurate as possible because I'm kind of a stinker) then some time later I started to realize that fighting whatever you call those flat glass marbles is boring so I started making some NPC figurines for us to fight. Before long I started making these just in my spare time for fun and then it wasn't until just recently that I realized that  after I made a whole shelf load of them it started to hit me that technically these might sort of be art.
I think starting tomorrow or something I'll start taking pictures, cropping different angles of the same figurine into the same image and uploading them.
I'll probably try to upload figurine a day except for cases like the sheep and the chickens where they'll probably be grouped together, except with the kings on their own..... Yeah I've got a lot to explain when I upload these.

Also as a note to myself I'll have to make sure I do these in a set order because I've got more to say about some figurines in comparison to others, but at the same time some of the figurines can only be explained by the existence of others and I've got to name all of the ones that don't already have names to their respective D&D characters.

But to do myself a Favor I'll start out with one I made and know like exactly what to say on the matter. If you want to see stuff stay tuned.... If not throw a duck at me.
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United States
Master of Tomfoolery. Destroyer of Logic, and Spock's polar opposite. No one dares to challenge me in the art of Foolishness.
Despite my lack of any skill at drawing art I think I'm still good at surviving here, I purposely draw things that are supposed to look bad, and write fanfics so bad that they are good.
To anyone coming here to counter troll me or something because I said something bad about your art or unoriginal character.....Hello. How are you today? I already know I can't draw. Think of something better then that. Meow

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