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XD THIS TRUELY IS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BILL! Once it gets passed all the Websites will be replaced with Soapy! ANd the Artsy thing of th...

Something I just felt like writing



Since Shines are becoming more common I’m trying to recall how I got all my shines up to this point. Only thinking about shiny Pokémon that I found in the wild and not event Pokémon. And the red Gyarados and egg from crystal that is occasionally a shiny Pokémon doesn’t count. I do have a few Shiny events Pokémon but their stories aren’t very cool since they just consist of, oh I went here and downloaded it and now its mine.



1st- Tentacool-

Found this guy in Pokemon Leaf Green and was my first Shiny Pokemon Ever. If I recall correctly I was just swimming from Fuchsia City To Cinnabar Island because for some reason I didn’t have a pokemon with fly on my team. Then all of a sudden bam this lv 40 Shiny Tentacool popped out of nowhere. Don’t remember how the catching process went but I did succeed in catching this guy and being stupid I named it “Shiny Cool”. I later leveled this guy up so technically it should be named Shiny Cruel but I never changed it and later transferred it to my Pearl Version.



2nd- Steelix-

It had been a pretty long and dull play session when this guy was found. I was in Victory Road In Pokémon Pearl level grinding before the Elite 4 when I found this guy. Like the first Story the Catching Process is not too well remembered but I did catch this one. I wasn’t able to think of a good nickname then and I still can’t. I never transferred him to gen 5 and he’s still in my pearl version so every 3 months or so I tend to go back and try to think of an awesome name for my Golden Steelix. However being me I tend to think of terrible names more easily then I do good names.


3rd- Golbat

This guy I found in Ruby when I was level grinding in Victory Road and yes the story is very familiar. The reason I was even playing ruby after Pearl had come out was because my kid brother started a file in ruby and just never finished. I felt compelled to try and while preparing I found the Green Golbat. The special thing about this guy isn’t the catching or its terrible name of ‘Shine Bat’ but what Shine Bat did for me in the long run. This guy was quickly Transferred to Pearl, evolved into a Pink Crobat, and became probably the most valued member of my first EV trained Team. Its nature was good as it helped with speed, and Having both Confuse Ray and Roost made it annoying for everyone else but me. This one time I managed to beat this one kid who was using like nothing but legendries all because Shine Bat managed to ‘outshine’ a Ho-oh. Pun intended. Using him made me want to plan on EV training all of the shiny Pokémon I had ever caught at one point….. So far I’ve only trained him and the Steelix whose name changes all the time…. Oh and the one I’m about to mention.

4th- Grimer

So My favorite color is green and anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with it. At one point I had planned to make a team of only green Pokémon, and I was having trouble thinking of a 6th member. I ended up looking at all of the shiny Pokémon when I found out that Shiny Grimer/Muk was an awesome shade of green and that when surfing in the tiny river in Celadon City in Soul Silver only Grimers appear…. What follows was probably one of the craziest things I have ever done. I caught about 40 Natus looking for one with Synchronize and a Nature I wanted, found it, put it in the front of my party, fainted it, and then followed with my Empoleon that knows Yawn to put it to sleep. After Surfing in the 3x4 Puddle for 2 weeks straight with the mental Image in my mind of me and Empoleon literally shoveling through the infinite ammounts of Grimer I finally found him. Being overly prepared I caught this one in a Premier ball since I had about 20. I originally named her Slimer but wanting to go with a more original name I later changed her name to Hazardous, putting an emphasis on the Zar whenever I said it outloud. The green team never really came together because laziness but I’ve still been trying to get her to lv 100 after EV training her.


5th- Skorupi

So Pokémon X had come out and I had already beaten it within the week while actually trying to go slowly despite my inability to put the game down. Within the first month of me playing this game I found this Pokémon, and it felt great when I did, especially given the circumstances. I was trying to fill up the Kalos Pokedex with as little trading as possible and I had had the unfortunate pleasure of trying to look for Ekans, For those of you who don’t know in X and Y Ekans only appears on Kalos’s Route 14 in hordes when 5 or more Pokémon show up at once. The problem is Hordes are rare except when you use Honey or the Move Sweet Scent to get them to appear. The Problem with that is that neither of those work when its raining in the over world and getting in Sweet Scents in between Rain storms is a real pain especially when those Stupid EKANS JUST WONT SHOW UP. However during Horde number 578 I found a red Skorupi amongst a bunch of blue ones. Carefully making quick work of the other 4 and Catching the shiny one I was so happy and didn’t even care that somehow Ekans still didn’t exist. I was especially happy since Skorupi/Drapion were one of my favorite gen 4 Pokémon. After looking up stuff about the Constellation Scorpio I named my little Skorupi Antares after a red Giant in the constellation. Using Soccer he’s been half fully EV trained after I maxed out attack but I’m putting the rest on hold until I can think of the best way to maximize his potential. After Catching this guy I had started to notice that the majority of shines that I had found were all poison types. I assumed this trend would continue and thought about making a team of Shiny Poison types….. I never expected the next one



6th- Poliwhirl

Ok so after chatting with some friends of mine I found out that one of the methods for finding rarer/Shiny Pokémon In Pokemon X/Y was to Fish in a spot, keep on fishing and never move, something people looking for Pokémon while fishing would do anyway.

Also at the time I had been fishing in a specific spot on Route 19 for as many Politoads as possible since I had caught every Pokémon I could and was now using Politoads as trade bate, which actually worked great, especially for Stone/Trade-Item evolutions that I didn’t want to do myself to save myself the items. In one fishing session where I had caught a bunch in a row I had already caught 1 Politoad but I thought I’d push my luck and look for another….. Spoilers I didn’t find it, instead I found a Light Blue Poliwhirl. For reference sake this was within the week I had caught my Skorupi so I was VERY surprised to find another at all let alone this quickly. Using the Aggron I was using for some reason to catch Politoads I weakened it and Caught it, giving it the honorary title of Storple….. Which is a name I give to my Pokemon usually once every game since its dumb but I like the name. Storple hasn’t been trained yet but is going to become a Poliwrath since its green and has an Adamant Nature. At this point I had realized that finding shines might not be as hard as it used to be.



7th Whiscash

So just the other Day over Thanksgiving break I saw that my brother was really early in the game so I thought, “Hey I’ll give him one of my Trademarked Politoads with an Old Amber so he can have a Politoad that doesn’t listen and an Areodacytl that does all before the 4th Gym.” I had caught the Politoad but I thought, “Eh what the heck…. I’ll to look for a Shiny again, Probably won’t happen though.” At the time I was lying on my bed and my brother came in my room and this dialogue basically happened.

Bro: Hey Bro

Me: Hey,

Bro: What ya doing

Me: I’m looking for a Pokémon, I already caught the one I was planning on giving to you but now I’m trying to-HOLY CRAP (Shiny Whiscash Appears)

Bro: You are extremely Lucky!

Me: Screw it you’re getting this one

True to my word after I caught it, nicknamed it, and gave it an old Amber, I traded it to my kid brother. Gnome-inator the shiny Whiscash is now in my Bro’s possession. His fate is in my brother’s hands.



Although it was after that Last one that I decided I should try to remember all the ones I’ve caught since I’ve been extraordinarily lucky, especially with the timing on that last one. Before writing this I was worried that since finding a Shiny seems to be easier it might lose its importance but It really hasn’t, Although If I do find another Shiny that isn’t one of my favorite Pokémon I plan on trading it to one of my friends, because sharing is Caring and stuff.



United States
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